Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dead Horse Bay news feature

Bonus Dead Horse Bay post:

Yesterday, my friend Jeff K shared a ABC News Feature about Dead Horse Bay in the comments on my post about our Black Friday hike there. I watched the feature last night and had to share. It give details and angles that are quite new to me (for starters, I'd never heard the Robert Moses aspect before, and I never in a million years would've imagined that there was any issue with beachcombing there). It's completely fascinating, and I particularly enjoyed it when a familiar face appeared on screen - there's an appearance by Ranger Lincoln from Floyd Bennett Field, who led the excellent Historic Aircraft Restoration Project tour that Sebago members
joined this summer.

Click here to view.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Jeff! 


Alana said...

My husband and I watched the entire video. My parents (and the baby me) moved to the Bronx in 1953 - I certainly know who Robert Moses was (anyone who grew up in NYC in the 50's does!) but I never knew this, and I never knew about Dead Horse Bay or its history. As someone who majored in cultural anthropology, I tend to side with the anthropologists rather than the artists - I hope a compromise can be found that benefits all parties.

bonnie said...

If there was any evidence that anyone was doing any formal research I think it would be easier to convince the artists and other beachcombers not to collect as much. That professor should go to work on people at the Museum of the City of New York or someplace like that to do something. I've never seen anything like that, and there's just so much stuff there that, as I said, it never would've occurred to me that taking a thing or two would be a problem.

It would actually be really interesting, I would love to see a formal museum exhibit about Dead Horse Bay and the sort of stuff you find there.

bonnie said...

Or the professor's already done some work like that - I wonder if he could expand it, maybe talk to the folks at Floyd Bennett and see if they might have room for an exhibit at Ryan Center or someplace?