Tuesday, February 08, 2005

bells & whistles...

well...I added 1 bell & 1 whistle here - joined Technorati & added a blogrolling list. hm.

problems with this -

1. I stayed up way too late doing it. Had no clue what I was doing & am sort of psyched I figured it out without having to go ask for help but boy am I gonna pay tomorrow.

2. People might actually be able to find my super top secret blog now. I am not sure that's good. Oh well, you can always make these things private, right? I will do that if this looming sense of stage fright crashes down & I get to feeling like this is all too egotistical & all-about-me for me and decide it's time to hide (kinda like why I stopped posting to the kayak list serve I occasionally refer to).

3. I am going into an insanely busy period at work & will probably have no time to blog for a while. Swell timing, eh?

of course when I do get back to blogging it may get interesting 'cause I miiiiiigggght have a chance to do even more instruction - I was signed up for a weekend rolling session, just practice, in the area & my name rang a bell with the outfitter that runs it. He called today to ask me if I'd be interested in assisting in the 4-6 session (I signed up to practice during the 6-8 one). I hope I'm not cursing things by blogging now - I have to talk to the guy, and first of all I have gone & let my ACA coastal kayaking instructor cert lapse (this winter is the most serious teaching I've done since 2001 - YAY - and since I wasn't teaching, and it was tough to get to updates, and expensive, and I was doing diddly-squat with the certification, I kind of let it wind down) so that may bring up insurance issues, and second of all, well, I've taught people how to roll but I just don't have the confidence level in that area as I do in the beginner stuff - and even the beginner stuff I'm rusty on, although the Wednesday classes are definitely getting me loosened up. Anyways, trying not to count chickens - or ducklings - but it would be really cool to do that & I suspect that that would generate some fun paddling entries here.

Interleavened with all the other stuff - politics, number crunching, the vagaries of NYC life...Since I can never totally concentrate on one thing.

ok, time to hit publish & see if my bells & whistles broke my blog!

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