Sunday, February 13, 2005

Visiting The Gates - post "TK"

I don't like leaving this blog hanging on quite such a rant as Friday's when I had such a cool day yesterday - and I started writing a post on visiting The Gates (starting with a really bad joke about "So I visited The Gates yesterday, and Bill said to me...PSYCH!") but all of the sudden it's time to go sew up my poor old wetsuit (a Henderson trilaminate garment which was quite spiffy and sleek back when I bought it in 1998 but which I wore a lot and finally sacrificed to the Pool Session Gods - all the spandex in the stretch-fabric outer layer went bye-bye and now instead making me look like a seal, it makes me look like a Shar-Pei - still keeps me warm though, and I get cold fast) and otherwise prepare for a 1:00 departure for Stamford. Unfortunately the train schedule doesn't jibe too well with the rolling class schedule - class starts at 4, I'd like to be there at 3:30, but the choices are 3:00 or 3:44. Oh well, I'll get the mongo-huge Sunday NY Times, catch up with what happened yesterday while I was wandering around in some great big art-thingy.

My initial reaction to art-thingy, btw, was actually dissappointment...funny, with all the to-do about the & Jeanne-Claude work, I had gotten these images in my head of what it would look like, and it wasn't as beautiful as I thought it would be. For starters, they're really orange, and orange is not my favorite color, and somehow I'd pictured "saffron" as being sort of a very rich, warm gold color. And there was no wind when I first spotted 'em from 57th street so it just these big, orange rectangles hanging there. But I did warm up to it and by the I had to head on to a friend's housewarming party I was thinking it was all very cool - as I was leaving, I passed a couple on their way in, and one was saying "It isn't really very pretty, is it?" - and that was funny 'cause by that time I'd been wandering for 3 hours & my initial "Aw, that's it? I should've paddled for sushi with my friends instead." had given way to "This really is neat, I can't WAIT tell my arty aunties all about it".

ok, time to sew, pack, and scram. Think I can promise no more rants for a couple of days, not when I can talk about and rolling class!

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