Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Shoutout

OK, it's been a couple of days, but I wanted to grab those Times articles before they went into the archives - but I did want to say a quick "congratulations!" to one of my favorite NYC bloggers, Pia of Courting Destiny. She got the most incredible front-page article in the Long Island Press - head over there to read it 'cause the cover itself is part of it - Pia Paints Press Pink, is how I described it! - and my picture thingummy still isn't working.

I'm going to keep it at that tonight - I'm pleasantly tired, got in about 2.5 solid hours of rolling practice, plus a half-hour watching Tom & Dominick from the Small Boat Shop in Connecticutt teach, it was a good opportunity to observe a couple of really good instructors working with people (good way to pick up some pointers for my own instructing technique); then today a bunch of us paddled to Robbin's Reef (just north of Staten Island) with a side trip to "Venice on the Hudson", aka Port Liberte, this very odd luxury residential enclave plunked down smack in the middle of the Jersey docklands, with canals running through it, so all the residents can keep their boats at their front doors. Great trip, great weekend, perfect weather for both activities (pool was on Saturday, it was doing that really messy precipitation you get when it can't quite decide whether to rain or to snow, then today was incredibly beautiful) maybe more on that tomorrow depending on how bad work ends up being.

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