Friday, June 30, 2006

Sunday - Day of the Super Cats!

Meow! Meow! Meow! Purr.

No, not THAT kind of cat. Although this is a pretty super cat, this is Poosay, who lives with my aunt & uncle is Texas - like all my aunt & uncle's well-cared-for menagerie, she loves people, but don't be fooled by that sweet face. Mouser shmouser, Poosay killed a copperhead one time!

Nope - I'm talkin' the FLOATING kind of cat -


um. No, not you either, Sailor the Boathouse Cat. Although at least there are boats in that picture so we're getting closer!

Nope, I'm talkin' THIS kind of cat:

(photo stolen without permission from the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club, I hope they're OK with that since it's their race I'm talking about - usually I ask but I'm trying to do this quickly within the space of a lunch hour, as I sometimes do).


The Hobie variety! Purr-ty! And this coming Sunday we're going to have a whole FLEET racing up from Sandy Hook to the Statue of Liberty and back, according to the following comment from Alex at the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club:

Just wanted to let you know (and, I couldn't find a way to contact you elsewhere on the blog) that the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club is hosting the annual Statue of Liberty Race on Sunday. Close to 100 beach cats (think of them as two kayaks, with sails) will start in Sandy Hook, NJ, race up under the Verrazano, and around the Statue of Liberty, and back to Sandy Hook. Some of the best racers in the country will be there. It sounds like the kind of thing that fits in your "day of the superhumans" category. No aerobic activity, but there is incredible skill involved, and hanging onto the side of a boat doing 15 knots is pretty grueling. More info at Fleet250.0rg.

Should be a fun day on the harbor - hope we get good wind! Alex, if you happen to see a big, beautiful, schooner, (white hull, plumb bow, happy-looking passengers) out there a schoonin', sing out, I'll be working.

And oh boy, will this ever be a test of my self-imposed rule about not taking pictures while I'm working. I stick to that because when I pull out the camera, I think it says that I'm not really paying attention to my job, which is to sail the boat & make sure the passengers are having fun...but oh my, a whole fleet of rainbow-sailed Hobie cats zipping (well, I hope they're zipping!) past the Statue of Liberty? Now THAT is going to be hard to resist...

For those of you not lucky enough to work on a schooner, I bet the view from New Jersey's Liberty Landing State Park is going to be SCHVELL!

Oh, and one other item of interest to sailboat racers - remember when my friend Brian was racing across the Pacific in the Clipper Around-the-World Yacht Race? Well, his leg finished in Victoria, but the race goes on (yeah, yeah), and they're in New York today and tomorrow, at the North Cove Marina, right where the Volvo yachts were. Last stop before the finish, too, just a skip across the pond to Jersey, not the new Jersey, but the original Jersey. Good luck to all of them on their last leg - but especially - Go New York Go New York Go!

summertime summertime it.

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