Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bummer bummer bummer, I'm back.

It's a little amazing how jarring this is...

after a couple of days of this:

and this:

Great trip. Rhode Island rocks. Not quite as much as Hawaii, of course, but whoever came up with this idea of big salt ponds right by the ocean, so you can find someplace to paddle even if conditions are a little on the "yeeesh" side, was brilliant.

Unfortunately came back to a couple of surprise urgent projects at work, on top of usual time-consuming week-before-month-end-close tracking ...this blog may just go travel photos for a few days!

(locations, btw - bottom to top:
Succotash Road
Great Swamp Memorial Drive

and...oooh, what was that other place again...Whatchamallit Square...

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