Friday, June 13, 2008

A Moment of Envy.

Want to take a moment to join me in friendly envy of my friend Richard (of the Tom Colvin Yin-Yang Pinky Schooner Rosemary Ruth - still for sale, according to his site)?

He's bringing his new centerboard schooner home.

From France.

It's actually quite funny - I had just yesterday been thinking "Boy, haven't heard from Richard in ages - wonder how he's doing". And this morning, I stumbled across a link to his blog on the American Schooner Association.

Almost wish I could be on that boat. I mean, ok, not really - I don't have the open-water cruising experience I'd think a person would want to have before doing something like that - but a little bit. The whole idea of ocean crossings is the sort of thing that when I think about it, it's half fear & half excitement. Think about the right people being on the crew & in charge, and maybe the excitement starts to tip the scales.

Oh - one thought to take any edge of your envy. Richard is now the proud owner of two small schooners. That may sound spiffy at first glance, but I strongly suspect the optimal number of schooners for a non-filthy-rich private individual to own is, at most, one. For me, of course, I'm afraid it's a big ol' zero - otherwise I would've relieved Richard of his spare months ago.

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