Thursday, July 10, 2008


Feeling like eating lightly tonight after having had a hearty lunch & a deskbound day, I decided to just have some some cottage cheese & then steam some of the pickings from my garden for tonight's dinner. Usually I'd have mixed greens, but looking in the big bag I'd picked this weekend I decided to just have lamb's quarters for a change.

A "lamb's quarter" google search turns up plenty of articles referring to how thoroughly edible this stuff is. I agree, having been enjoying the spinach-like flavor ever since one of the Sebago garden gurus told me what it was & I recognized the name as being that of something I'd heard of as being quite tasty.

Still, that didn't keep me from laughing tonight when I filled up my steamer with rinsed lamb's quarters. I just looked at it & thought "Doesn't that just look like some kid's playing at cooking with a potful of weeds?"

Looks a lot less dubious after a quick steaming

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