Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Just updated my Facebook status...

HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! I am definitely going to Hawaii in July, will be at the Iolani 25th Reunion activities on Friday & Saturday & then 7 days before that of indulging in as many nostalgic whims I can think of & squeeze in!!! I'm So Excited!!!

Airbnb was a good invention.


PeconicPuffin said...

Wonderful! Congratulations! Try Stand Up Paddling while you're there.

Joe said...

Yeah baby! That's great.

Joe said...

Bonnie, Thank you very much for that link. It's pretty cool.

bonnie said...

Yes, it's going to be an expensive trip & I'm not going there to stay in a room. The less I spend on accomodations, the more I can splurge on the stuff I'm really there for!

Michael, I didn't think of stand-up paddleboarding. I WAS thinking of another lesson at the Hans Hedemann School of Surfing (not nostalgic, surfing was really sort of a boy thing when I was a kid, plus I don't think the school was there back then - just fun)...I bet they have SUPS...I don't know though, I really enjoyed trying classic longboard surfing the last time I was out there.

I was also thinking about a windsurfing lesson in Kailua Bay. I know there used to be rentals right on the beach - I think there was a crackdown on commercial operators so I don't know if it's right there anymore, but I'm betting that somebody would be willing to come out with a board & supervise while I fall in the (warm, clear, beautiful) water 300 times.

Definitely have to do some paddling but I've got enough time out there to try a new thing or two!

Can't WAIT.

DummyDiva said...

Hey, need anyone to carry your bags! (:

bonnie said...

Well this is working out really well, I have two friends so far who want to be smuggled in my bags & two others who want to carry my bags. As long I am not the one carrying the friends in the bags, it all sounds good!

So should I line up a group lesson at the surf school?

PeconicPuffin said...

Well of course you should try windsurfing, and regular surfing...the thing with SUP surfing is that you spend more time surfing and less time waiting and trying to surf.

Have an amazing time!

JP said...

Sounds great - have fun :)

Funny you should mention standing up paddling: I was walking to work earlier this wee and there was someone doing standing up paddling on the Thames. I wondered if that was an interesting way to commute!

Joe said...

As my east coast born wife likes to say, "You're cruising for a bruising." Miguel!!! Surfing with a longboard is fantastic, you can catch a ton of waves. Try hanging ten with a SUP. Don't get me wrong, I love Stand Up Paddling. In fact, I love all the different ways you can surf.

PeconicPuffin said...

Joe Joe Joe...when you comin' to a blogfest?

First of all how am I cruisin' for a bruisin'? In what way shape or form did I disparage surfing of any kind? I'm the first to admit (in fact I push it this way) that SUPsurfing is easier and takes less initial skill than surfing. But are you going to tell me that longboarders catch as many waves? When was the last time you were out? It's a function of mobility and speed...the paddle wins it. The longboarder is more skilled though.

Re hanging ten I found myself practically hanging ten while SUPing in 20knot offshore winds...I had to get way up front just to get the board to come down the wave faces (the wind was holding it up) and a few times I was about 12 inches from standing on the nose tip.

Anyhow I'm hoping to get Bonnie to try the SUP...then through her paddling universe spread the word (and find good waves close to the city!)

bonnie said...

Oooh, this is fun!

The paddle definitely makes a difference in what you can get to. I think that's one of the reasons that traditional surfers traditionally don't like kayak surfers - we can really be wave hogs if we don't pay attention to the other people out there.

But the good thing about on-your-belly-until-takeoff surfing is that there's a lot less time that you're likely to fall down!

Or at least that I am likely to fall down. I could see if you were already good at a watersport that developed your ability to keep your balance standing up on a board, SUP-ing would be a snap.

I tried it last March (picture says it happened!) and I didn't feel very steady - and that was on flat water. Feel like I'd need more practice to get happy enough to go to bumpy water.

Of course in Hawaii in July, falling in the water isn't a bad thing.

PeconicPuffin said...

To avoid falling, we kneel. I think in yoga they call it "hero pose" can paddle out through shorebreak like that. Jeff has even caught a wave in that position.

Wait...have I turned into the Tillerman, battling Joe for your choice of seacraft?

As the Horse says, you can do it all!