Wednesday, July 20, 2011

City of Water Day 2011

City of Water Day, 7/16/2011, 9:30 amRed Hook BlocksPre-trip briefingRafting up for a group shotGroup shotNorthward ho!
Landing at Governor's IslandSebago Contingent!Touch tanks -A Dazzling GigDazzled -Greenland Rolling Demo by Qajaq USA
They did great, of course!Fascinated audienceVideo snippet of the demo.Hanging Out.OystersDerrick and...
Harbor School student communes with the oystersSchooner ImagineSchooner Imagine and the Staten Island Ferry.Late afternoon - 4 or soDeparture preparations continue.Commodore Tony takes to the water.

City of Water Day 2011, a set on Flickr.

Here it is, the overlong, underedited album from which I've been pulling pictures for the last few posts. Might do a few more posts like that - I'm helping out with a Level 2 Intro to Kayak Touring class at the club for the next 2 Saturdays and I need to start really thinking about what to do.

Actually should be a fun class - I enjoy planning trips and this is all about that.


Baydog said...

Looks like a great day, Bonnie! I was even tired when you got back to the club! Funny how we both have been under the Verrazano lately.

bonnie said...

Baydog, I was laughing at your first picture (from Bayonne) -- we were looking across at a liner in Bayonne on Saturday & Sunday morning and I was wondering if that was the one from which you were taking the picture!

Of course then I read the post & realized that although it could well have been the same one, your picture had been taken a couple of weeks before.

Looks like a wonderful family vacation!