Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Morning in Norwalk

IMGP8447 by bkfrogma
IMGP8447, a photo by bkfrogma on Flickr.

Not that you can tell from a picture, but this was taken as we were in the process of beating a hasty retreat. You expect bugs in summer camping - but the rainy spring meant a bumper crop of skeeters too hungry to be put off by silly chemical discouragement. We toughed out the evening (long pants & sleeves & a smoky campfire helped, and a little nice scotch & fireworks in 6 different towns made them a little easier to ignore), but they seemed to be even worse in the morning & between them & a member of our party with an upset tummy, the idea of cooking up a nice camp breakfast of bacon & eggs & hashbrowns was quickly abandoned.

However, the scenery, as usual, left little to be desired!

Thanks for the invitation, R.!


Silbs said...

Those pesky insects have ruined many a fine camp out. We were surprised to find almost none last week in Northen Wisconsin. Hope that is true for the next two weeks as we hold the symposiums. Nice pic.

bonnie said...

We were actually warned by the prior occupants of the next site over. They'd come out on Friday night, and had planned to stay through Monday. Their site was a big production, they'd come in a motorboat, a canoe (fully loaded with a single paddler), and a couple of kayaks, and the motorboat had to make 2 trips - we should have realized that when a group puts THAT much effort into camping, you really ought to listen to them when they tell you heck with the fireworks, they're jumping ship.

If it had been about 10 degrees warmer, I don't know if we would've made it through the evening - as I mentioned we all ended up in long pants & long sleeves & quite close to the fire - ten degrees hotter & neither of those would've been tolerable.

bonnie said...

Good luck with the symposiums, of course!

bonnie said...

PS - TQ says he's getting a bug hat now. He'd rather camp in a snowdrift in January than in the middle of summer, and this trip reminded him of why - but even preferring off-season camping, he's now got 2 trips he recalls in the last 10 years where a bug hat would've really improved life & that's a high enough percentage for him!