Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Terrible Cooking Accident.

So, my parents get into town tomorrow, and as I mentioned on the post with the griffin reading a book under a tree, I've been re-cleaning. I mostly finished that yesterday - today what was left was vacuuming, some last bits of tidying up, making sure that the Aerobed would actually inflate (on their last visit, the pump broke - fortunately the Evil Futon of Nap is actually a futon and it totally saved the day, but it is a little bit of a hassle to use it as a bed instead of an evil nap-inducing chaise lounge), and most of all, doing something about the lack of food. I decided to make a big pot of stew for dinner tomorrow - I have to work tomorrow so what I wanted was something that could cook while I cleaned tonight and heat up again tomorrow.

I had a little accident while I was making the stew. Well, two really. It's basically Mom's "recipe" (although it's not written down anywhere, her mom told her how to make it and she told me) and the secret is that you throw in a bottle or can of beer right after you add the last veggies and put the lid on to simmer for a couple of hours. Well, it was just terrible, I don't know how it happened but only half the bottle went into the stew, the other half somehow missed the pot entirely and ended up - horrors! - all over the inside of a glass that happened to be standing near by. I didn't know WHAT to do. So I'm drinking it.

The other accident may have caused the pouring problems. The beer is supposed to be Budweiser and somehow I accidentally got Brooklyn Lager on the way home instead of Budweiser. Oops. I suspect that a controlled experiment comparing the ease of pouring a bottle of Bud into a pot of stew and pouring a bottle of Brooklyn Lager into a pot of stew would prove that Brooklyn Lager is a much more slippery pour and ends up with half of it landing all over the insides of nearby glasses on a much more regular basis.

 I hope Mom doesn't notice that I messed up her stew. :(


O Docker said...

Quick thinking!

When I end up with a glass full of beer on my hands, I never know what to do.

I think the recipe calls for a glass of Budweiser because almost anything else will not get a full measure.

bonnie said...

René Seindal, the charming gent behind the paddleblog aggregator, and also one of the proprietors of Venice Kayak, made a similar observation on the Facebook version of this post:

...a Budweiser, not being a real beer unless originating in Budowice, doesn't have the normal tendency of beer of heading straight for the nearest glass.

Great minds, thinking alike.