Tuesday, August 28, 2012

dandelion wine

"The medicines of another time, the balm of sun and idle August afternoons, the faintly heard sounds of ice wagons passing on brick avenues, the rush of silver skyrockets and the fountaining of lawn mowers moving through ant countries, all these, all these in a glass." - Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

Thinking of the three pioneers of space (each in their own way) that we've lost this year -
Ray Bradbury
Sally Ride
Neil Armstrong


Tillerman said...

And Janice E. Voss

bonnie said...

And Janice E. Voss.

Wow. I had never heard of her.

Tillerman said...

And William P. Thurston.

He was a pioneer of space too in his own way.

bonnie said...

Sounds like it! What a strange and fascinating sounding gentleman. He must have been a great person to have as a teacher.

Now, I wish I could fit Phyllis Diller in here too. She did dress like she was from space...