Monday, February 15, 2021

Coney Island Polar Bears Snow Swim!


I haven't been able to get out to play in the snow we've finally been having this winter, but I've been vicariously enjoying friends' photos and videos. Here's a lovely video from one of the Coney Island Polar bears - enjoy!

The Coney Island Polar Bears are a remarkable crew. A lot of people just think of the big New Year's Day plunge when they see "Polar Bears" but that's actually an event that the Bears sponsor and oversee for the NYC community. It's always a fundraiser for some worthwhile group, and the Bears put in a LOT of work to make sure it's fun and safe for everyone. 

The club swims every weekend all winter, plus pretty much any time it snows.

This winter has been a true test of polar bear fortitude - in normal years the Coney Island Aquarium has made their Education Hall available to the Bears for their regular weekend swims, so there's a warm place to gather before and after the swims. That's not happening this year, but the Bears swim on!

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Midwood In The Snow, or, Good Heavens, Hi, I'm Still Here!

Hello hello from snowy snowy Brooklyn! Can't believe I didn't post ONCE through all of January - I have been planning to do but not actually doing an update post for a while now, January got so strange I guess I just got a little tongue-tied. Blogger's block? Anyhow, I will try to come back to that pretty soon but today, I got a few nice photos of my neighborhood in snow on my way home from chemo and thought I would share those.  

Click on any photo for a full sized view; hope you enjoy!