Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Or more specifically, Sunday, March 11th & Monday, March 12th. Local interest mostly -

Sunday, that's my fun day (she said, promptly aging herself quite nicely)...

Me and some of my Sebago Sebago friends are attending & participating in the 2nd Annual <Long Island Paddlesports Safety Symposium . Should be fun - along with participating in a rolling demo I'll be talking about paddle-picking for beginners at 1:30, and then I'll be sticking around to hear the next presentation in that room, because it is actually the guy who runs my FAVORITE cold-water paddling info site, Chuck Sutherland, Ph.D - missed him at the The Small Boat Shop back in January, so I'm looking forward to listening to his presentation. Never hurts to have a brush-up. BTW, it's March, this is the time when we always hear about somebody taking a boat out on a warm day & not coming back because the water is still cold enough to incapacitate a person very fast if they fall in, so this is a GREAT time to come hear a real expert talk about the dangers of cold shock & hypothermia, how to avoid, and what to do if you suddenly find yourself or a friend showing signs of the "umbles" - the uncharacteristic mumbles, grumbles & fumbles that can signify that a person is sliding into hypothermia & something must be done FAST. Anyways, oops, up on my hobbyhorse again. Pool demos too, and prizes, and lots of valuable information, all free (the poster adds "Please bring a donation of non-perishable food for THE MINISTRIES Paddle Out Hunger campaign").

Monday, back to meetings - this is the one I've sort of been drumming up - the invitation is addressed to a certain group bu the public is welcome to attend, and in fact I think Julie & the task force members would feel good about the show of support that people turning out to listen in indicates. Meeting will be at 6 pm, in the Community Board 1 office at 49-50 Chambers St. Security checkpoint in the lobby, bring photo ID & leave your favorite Swiss Army knife at home!:

Dear Waterfront Committee members and Pier 26 Task Force participants:

On Monday, March 12, we will hold the final Pier 26 Task Force meeting. Due to the need to address Pier 26 issues at the full Community Board meeting on March 20, it will be a joint meeting with the Waterfront Committee (the regularly scheduled Waterfront Committee will still be held on March 26).

Attached are the two reports from the Pier 26 Task Force meetings. (Bonnie's note: click here to read estuarium comments and here to read boathouse comments.)

The two attachments to these documents will be available at the Monday meeting for your files. In this reports, the issues covered in the meetings is documented. In brief, they say:
1) the estuarium should be built, even in temporary or scaled down form, as soon as possible, and the report goes on to describe the qualities and features that the Task Force felt were important in its design, programming and management.
2) the boathouse report reviews the Trust's plans and rejects them as not suitable for their intended purpose. Also, a substantial restaurant appears in the boathouse plans. This restaurant was not reviewed by the Task Force, since its stated purpose was to deal with the boathouse and estuarium problems; however, the community may want to weigh in on this as well.

Please note: Currently, there are no plans and no money for the estuarium, and plans but no money for the boathouse.

I hope to see you on Monday. A resolution is anticipated to be voted on at this meeting, to be based upon the work of the Task Force and the discussion at the meeting.

Julie Nadel

OK, PSA all done, I have this odd thought that I might throw some stuff in a bag & go paddling. Outside. What a novel idea!

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