Monday, September 17, 2007

Sometimes time flies and you're not having a Gowanus BaChANAL!

Sorry that the blogging has gotten short shrift lately. Time's been flying - I've been having some fun but also doing a lot of work. Of course the work is in preparation for the 3-day paddle along LI (plus I'm taking a day off the day before so I can pack up and be ready without pulling an all-nighter, I'm too old for those any more). So we could say time also flies when you're getting ready to have fun.

And the weather forecast is pretty darned good so it SHOULD be fun.

Anways, just got lots to do, hence sparseness of blogging time.

Here's what I would have posted for the fish on Friday if I'd thought of it on Friday - this was my most favorite comment on the Bunker Bunker Bunker extra-credit question, from one Thomas Duncan, who does not admit to having a blog (but if he had one I bet it would be funnier'n'heck) - thanks, Thomas!:

I'll venture that the differences in those bunkers has to do with size:
Peanuts are about 3" fish, Mossbunker are a bit bigger, and regular Bunker are full grown menhaden. Peanuts are sometimes used as live chum when fishing for something like striped bass, blues, or trout.

The Archie Bunker is the largest bunker of all, and the species known to smoke cigars. But when trolled behind a boat, actually repels most known gamefish.

How's that?

One quick PSA now before I get on to my next project du jour...if I wasn't launching for this little 3-day event at 6 AM on Friday, I would for SURE be attending the Gowanus Dredger's BaChANAL on Thursday evening. Going for a paddle with the Dredgers is one of your more unusual-sounding Brooklyn experiences, I'm a little embarrassed that I've never gone, I really do need to rectify that someday. Check out this Big Sky Brooklyn for a good trip report with photos. Gowanus Lounge is of course another great place to read more - they've actually got a little more detail there, too.

This would actually be the perfect chance to do this since one of the things I like to do before a long trip is eat well the night before...all-you-can-eat barbecue would be great, but with that 6 am launch, I just can't see being out & running around in the evening. Bummer...too many fun things, too little time, as usual. Well, that's a good problem to have.

But at least I can post about it. Sounds like a lot of fun!

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