Saturday, March 08, 2008

Avast, 'tis the Book Meme I Be Tagged With, Mateys! Arrrrr!

Over the last few weeks, I got tagged twice. Actually tagged once, roared once. And here it is a rainy rainy Saturday, and I'm not at the BBG learning about veggie gardening like I should be 'cause it's a perfect day for a little serious housecleaning. One nice thing about living in a space of less than 1000 square feet, two hours of concentrated effort does wonders. But before I can concentrate, first I have to procrastinate with a quick post. Perfect time to attend to the tags!

Easy one first, I think:

Book Meme!
I got tagged with the delightfully simple 123 Book Meme - an oldie but goodie - by Bill, an old friend from high school in Hawaii (we'd lost touch for years but in an odd but fun twist, we've reconnected through blogging), aka "Billy" to those who knew him in high school, actually has a couple of blogs you might enjoy - his original blog, BillyBlog, which features his observations on his family's life in NYC. He's got a great eye for odd little details, things I suspect I'd probably breeze right past & never notice - recently he noticed a certain very tiny car that's just beginning to be seen here in NYC, the "Fortwo" - that got him a link in the NY Times City Room blog, very cool. His second blog project started with a Tuesday series he was doing on Billyblog. Some readers here may be familiar with Joe Rouse's Horse's Mouth Fish on Fridays series (oops, no fish's a nice fishy...oh, and while I'm on the subject Joe seemed to be trying to tell the 'yakkers something about canoes, dunno, can anybody make out the message, I keep dozing off? But I digress, badly) - well, Bill started a Tuesday series on Tattoos (plenty of those in NYC). Eventually the ink and the stories behind proved to be interesting & varied enough that the series spun off into a whole new blog, ""Tattoosday". Fascinating stuff.

Well, that was a long leadup for a quick meme - think I may postpone 4 More Roars for another day, sorry Leon but I only had so much time budgeted for procrastination this afternoon - and anyways, you tagged your son so this is your meme, too!

Enough blahblah! Meme On!

The Open Book Meme:

These were the instructions:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open it at page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence/ phrase.
4. Blog the next four sentences/ phrases together with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig your shelves for that very special or intellectual book.
6. Pass it forward to six friends

OK - I was actually at work when I first saw that I'd been tagged, and it wasn't a day where I had time for a lunch hour post as I sometimes do. But I figured it would be fair to grab the book that was closest to me at the time I first discovered I was tagged, and use that whenever I actually got around to posting about it.

Moments earlier, on the way back down from the cafeteria, I'd grabbed a couple of books out of the giveaway bin. TQ's got a couple of very cool young second cousins - the older of the 2 is a boy who's beginning to be interested in some longer books, and these looked perfect - one was a collection of adventure stories for boys, the other was a rollicking sea story, with pirates and everything, Michael Molloy's Peter Raven Under Fire. The pirate one won by pure happenstance (honest - they were one atop the other on my desk, but not lined up & by pure coincidence it just HAPPENED to be the sea story one that was an inch closer, I swear I didn't nudge them with my elbow, honest!). Actually hadn't read it yet, have done so now (had to preview, y'know). Great stuff. And here for your meme-ing enjoyment is Page 123, 1st four sentences at the 5th phrase:

Benchley raised his telescope before he replied. "That we lay off and draw their fire by taking a broadside from all their guns. Then turn toward her stern, rake her decks, and come alongside to board her before the Frogs have time to reload".

Beaumont smiled his agreement.

Yaaarr enough for ye? That Mr. Molloy knows how to buckle a swash!

And now for my own 6 tags (based entirely on whim, except for Kayakgirl who I thought of immediately because she is always reading some really cool stuff):

Peter at Sea Fever (apropos of that, I just decided that "gollywobbler" is going to be my answer next time somebody asks me "what's the good word" - "gollywobbler" is a very good word, isn't it?)
Scott Chicken!
Xris the Flatbush Gardener
Claire of Claire's Garden!

and last but not least...hey, I'm gonna go see who the last person besides me who commented here was...

drumroll please...

It's Don!

Thanks for playing!

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