Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Hot Dogs (and a gallery of 5th Avenue holiday windows)

Holiday Hot Dogss
I've been working a lot of late nights this week getting caught up so I can take the next 2 weeks off, but my friend Mandy got me to take an evening off on Wednesday to go see the holiday windows with her. What a great break!

First we fortified ourselves with some good Italian food, then we set out into a wintery evening & strolled 5th Avenue from Bergdorf Goodman's (where yesterday's beaded bear was part of one of the strange tableaux in the north-facing windows of the store on the west side of the street) down to 34th st, where Mandy jumped in a cab and I headed on over to the subway station near Herald Square. Ended up being a nice way to see the windows; we did skip Rockefeller Center, which is one of my usual stops on my annual holiday lightseeing-sightseeing wanders (interesting how the call of the Teuscher Chocolates shop was muted by cold & a tummy full of pasta), and we did get VERY cold, but we had the windows almost to ourselves!

More photos on Flickr!

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