Monday, May 03, 2010

Hila (Ex ATR-89), or, Why I Wanted to Get Will To Witte's

May 2, 2010

September 19, 1944

Source chain:
National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors, via Navsource Online, via commenter "Fairlane", via Tugster.

And that's exactly why I wanted to get Will to the "Graveyard of Ships". That place makes me hungry for history, and I knew that Will -- and Will's readers -- would be a very good source.


Adventure Otaku said...

that is amazing!


Baydog said...

Does someone have a tissue? Man, it makes me verklempt to see old photos of currently rotting behemoths. Nostalgic, I suppose. Guilty.

Barista Uno said...

I love your site and the photos - refreshing because they're off the beaten path.

If you have time, you may want to visit my Marine Cafe Blog at:

It deals mainly with maritime trends but is unorthodox. If you find it salty enough, could you add the site to your blogroll. I will add yours to my own roster in return.

Happy blogging!

will said...

** verklempt** good word that. i feel awed. it must be among the most densely-ghost-populated parts of new york city.

JP said...

Great couple of posts about the rusting graveyard of ships.

Specially liked the then and now comparison photos

tillerman said...

Ahah. But you made the first picture a mirror image of the original so that the comparison would work better. The evidence is in the numbers on the boat behind and to the left (or was it the right) of the one in the foreground.

bonnie said...

That is the correct answer!

BTW, on the off chance that anyone's on this post without being referred from Capt. JP's blog, Tillerman just gave the answer to a question I'd asked over there. Capt. JP has been studying Natural Navigation with Tristan Gooley. This is the art of finding your way using the evidence provided by the natural world. If you're going to be a Natural Navigator, you have to develop your powers of observation.

Today, on a total whim, I posted the following on Captain JP's comments:

I have a little pop quiz for you to test your natural-navigational powers of observation.

Remember my "before and after" pictures?

I did something to one of those pictures to make the comparison work better.

There is positive evidence of that manipulation contained within the picture.

If you are up for the game, please come over, take a look, tell me what I did & what evidence proves it.

BTW, if you ARE here from Capt JP's Log, and this one was too easy for you - here, try one of Mr. Gooley's quizzes! I've already made my own guess (which I'm keeping to myself as I don't want to influence you) and I can't wait to see if I'm right.