Tuesday, April 09, 2013

80 degrees?

Let's pretend it's summer! 

Unfortunately there was no fresh basil at the greengrocer's, but she did at least have some beautiful ripe tomatoes to go with my Joe's Dairy mozzarella. 


Baydog said...

This is when you pull the frozen pesto out of the freezer. Still delicious! Ever try white truffle oil on that?

bonnie said...

I did think about it, but I'm running low and I also had some lamb shanks I was working on braising & that was already getting complicated!

I'm not sure I've ever tried actual white truffle oil period. TQ and I bought a little bottle of something that claimed to involve truffles one time when we went camping, but when we inspected the label we decided that the bottlers took a slice of white truffle and waved it near the mouth of each bottle just before they corked it - didn't contain much more than a molecule or two of the fancy fungus.

Harry said...

oooh! now that's a wonderful sight to wake up to.I just got a nice bottle of olive oil from Carrabellas (their house blend),now I gotta run back and get some smoked mozzarella and some tomatoes. Hit the bakery on the way back for fresh rye...that should get rid of any lingering effects of my cabin fever.Till winter is back upon us,Time to go shopping now!