Sunday, December 01, 2013

Escape from Black Friday 2013 - GIANT ROBOT FISHES EEK! (plus more pix)

Hey J-bay boaters - better watch out for the Giant Robot Marlin that lurks by the Mill Basin Bridge!
or it a giant robot sculpin? 

Same hulk, just inside the Mill Basin Bridge, seen from different sides.
More pix from my Escape from Black Friday/Paddle Off the Turkey Paddle now up (and captioned) on Picasa. I'd really hoped to join in on the "Leftorver Potluck Paddle" that happened at Sebago on Saturday, too, but there's been a cold going around my company for a couple of weeks now and on Friday night I started to feel it. Why do we say "I caught a cold"? It's really more the other way around, isn't it? Anyways, this thing finally caught me and all the wishful thinking in the world on Friday night did not make it go away. I was really looking forward to a shorter sociable paddle on Saturday, but I'm so glad I did get out on Friday. Gorgeous day out there - way too nice to be stuck inside of a store. 

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