Tuesday, July 14, 2015

City of Water Day Again - Saturday, July 18th!

From City of Boats Boats And More Boats!

Yes, it's that time of year again! Come one come all to a fantastic celebration of our urban waterfront, thrown for your enjoyment by the partners of the Waterfront Alliance (formerly known as the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance). The central event will be held at the original location on Governor's Island on Saturday the 18th from 10 - 14, and then there are also a ton of satellite events.

I can't make it to Gov's I 'cause I'll be leading trips at Sebago but if you go there I hope you'll go say hello to my friends from Hawai'i at the Hālāwai table, who'll be there spreading the word about the Polynesian voyaging canoe Hōkūle'a's Worldwide Voyage, including a June 2016 visit to NYC!  There will of course be lots of other things to see and do there, and then the list of City of Water Day In Your Neighborhood locations is getting to be seriously impressive, with events in all five boroughs AND Yonkers AND New Jersey (phew that's a lot!). 

 I still think that left to my own devices I would go play with the remote control motorboats on the Gowanus and then head on out to Gov's I to talk story about Hōkūle'a and also see all the other stuff going on there - the one major bummer about the In Your Neighborhood stuff is missing the Governor's Island day (it was especially fun when we used to get to camp there and then paddle back to Sebago in the morning), but we'll have lots of fun in Canarsie, too!

Click on the City of Water Day label below for all of my prior posts about the day. For info about this year's event, visit CityofWaterDay.org; for the burgeoning list of In Your Neighborhood events, click here, and for specifics about our day at Sebago, click here. Hope you can make it! 


pia said...

I find it amazing how watercentric NY has become
When I was moving I walked from the UWS down to the Battery because I could and thought "what am I doing? I think I like the Hudson better than the ocean." But that feeling passed.

Karen @BakingInATornado said...

You're a great ambassador for this event.
Although it's too bad you'll miss it, I know you'll have a great time at Sebago.

bonnie said...

It's a fun event wherever you are. Actually under ordinary circumstances I could probably bail on the Sebago event and go to Governor's Island, as I'd especially like to do this year because of the Hokule'a table, but a small group of our most stalwart trip leaders are on a paddling vacation in South America right now, so we're a little short-handed.

I hope we get a good turnout!