Monday, June 13, 2016

Hokule'a in NYC Post 5: At the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge Outrigger Race

Hokule'a was the guest of honor at this year's Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge Outrigger Race! The wa'a and crew were there; unfortunately tours were cancelled after someone slipped and got hurt while either boarding or debarking, but Hokule'a was right alongside a barge and you could walk onto that and get a good close look at her. Crew members were there throughout the day to answer questions, and two Hokule'a crews competed in the third and final race of the day. Amazingly, one of their boats came in fourth - well, maybe not so amazingly, the crew of the Hokule'a are all consummate waterfolk, but all the other teams have been training, while I doubt that the Hokule'a crew has had much time for OC-6 practice anytime recently, being a little busy sailing around the world and all. 

Here are some selected photos of Hokule'a and her crew (and hey, that's me and Captain Blankenfeld!) at the Liberty Challenge - if you are a real glutton for punishment, the day's full set is on Flickr! Lots of paddling, some dancing and food.

Oh, can't resist sneaking in one food shot. Being a grown-up may not be everything you think it's gonna be when you're a kid, but -- ice cream for lunch if you want? Check! :D

Photos below - Approaching Pier 26; Sam Low pretends to sign my copy of his book for me (he had just finished and closed it when I remembered that I had a camera around my neck, he was a good sport when I asked him to act like he was still signing it - BTW, great book, Hawaiki Rising!); the female ki'i on the stern; crew member puts a lei on one of Hokule'a's manu (prows); me and Captain Blankenfeld (I got him to sign my book too!); activities at the Hokule'a tent (including a curious box turtle who wanted to learn about wayfinding); Hokule'a teams in the mixed crew race; and finally saying goodby at the end of the day. Click on the first photo for a slideshow view. 

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