Friday, September 30, 2016

Last Weekend's Fun, Part 1 - I Swim!

Last weekend was just spectacular, and I'm sorry I haven't had time during the week to write about it and share some of my pix!

I kicked things off on Saturday morning with the Coney Island - Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers' Coney Island 3-2-1, formerly known as the  Triple Dip. This is a combination race where you can swim one, two, or three miles; I've been doing a good bit of swimming to get back into shape after my medical woes of the winter and spring, so when the call went out for volunteers for this and last week's Breezy Point swim, I thought it would be fun to actually swim the one-mile distance. I'd done a mile for my last swim in Lake Randall in Michigan so I was pretty sure I could do this.

It was stormy the night before and still pretty gray and gloomy when I headed out to Coney Island. I was kind of worried about it but as it turned out, the water temperature was just perfect and I had a wonderful swim. Not fast, but oh so nice. Click here for the day's Flickr album. No pictures from during the race, I'm slow enough without distracting myself with my camera, but some nice ones (I thought) from before and after, including some classic cars.

The sun came out after the race and it would have been a lovely day to just hang out out there (and there was a post-race party I could've gone to) but this was not my only planned fun for the weekend and I had some getting ready to do. Pix from Sunday to come! 

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