Sunday, July 09, 2017

Full Moon Paddle at Sebago Canoe Club

I thought that today's post would be about a great learning experience at the club yesterday involving a newly shiny old boat (if you're FB friends with me you've seen it), but I ended up going to the club to help out with Family Day. That was tons of fun and then when I got home I had some stuff to do (including taking a nap!) so I'm going to go a little out of sequence and share pix from the wonderful Full Moon Paddle on Saturday night. I'll come back to learning to steer the war canoe (plus the rest of Colorado, I still haven't posted some of the best stuff from that trip) later.

It was so nice that the full moon fell on a weekend this month!  We launched just as the moon was rising and paddled about six miles, pausing to watch a helicopter land at the Floyd Bennett Field police air station, and enjoying a couple of late 4th of July fireworks displays on our way to the club for the customary Sebago snacks and libations.

A beautiful night, thanks to official club mermaid Vicky M. for leading us and arranging such great entertainment! And t
hat's all the writeup I'm going to do, here a some photos, click on any of the pictures for a slideshow view. Enjoy!