Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Election Night at Slainte

I was tired from getting up early to go vote before work, but I figured that if I went home I was likely to just end up turning on the computer and getting obsessive over election results. Going to Slainte to play some tunes with friends and perhaps indulge in a refreshing adult beverage or two seemed like a better way to while away the evening.

It wasn't entirely an escape, Slainte isn't specifically a sports bar but they do have big TV's that are usually tuned to various games up on the wall, and last night election results were really the only game around (ok, there was hockey for a minute but pretty soon that want back to results), so I ended up kind of obsessing anyways, but obsessing in good company, while playing some tunes and drinking Dark 'n Stormies, was waaaay better than obsessing at home by myself. Can't think of a much nicer way to spend the evening.

I need to get a new camera battery, the old one's not holding a charge well and runs down especially fast during video recording, but here's a minute of last night's music.

In the end, I was pretty happy with the results -- yes, I was disappointed about some of the races, but personally, the main thing I wanted out of this election was to see some brakes put on this runaway train of an administration, and I think we got that. Not quite a blue tsunami but enough of a wave to count - and the diversity is splendid, I love seeing winners that actually look like the world I live in!


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

And that train definitely needed braking!
I love that music! It just speaks to my soul!

bonnie said...

I feel so lucky to have this session so close to where I work. It's the longest-running session in NYC!

Laurie Stone said...

That music makes me want to dance! Yes, thank God we got some much-needed brakes on this crazy, out of control freight train.

Alana said...

Enjoyed the music - I voted after work and then collapsed, as I seem to do every night recently. We do have a couple of Irish bars in our area but I've never visited one.