Sunday, December 29, 2019

NYC Holiday Windows 2019

As 2020 draws to a close, I'm so glad I've treated myself to so much time enjoying the natural beauty of Jamaica Bay, out on the outskirts of NYC - but it just wouldn't be Christmas without my annual trip to see the holiday windows with Mandy! We did this after work on the day after Christmas this year, as the weather forecast was lovely. We've been out on some bitterly cold days for this, this year we didn't even need gloves! 

We have kind of pared this down over the years - or had it pared down. In the past we'd been known to start at Bergdorf Goodman at 5th Avenue and 58th Street and finish at Macy's. Macy's was always kind of optional, but we loved Lord and Taylor's, and when that venerable store closed, with the last "windows" being videos instead of the animated models of charming holiday scenes that they used to be, we pretty much lost interest in going south of Rockefeller Center.

So this year, we started with Tiffany's and Bergdorf Goodman, walked down to Rockefeller Center for the Sak's windows and light show, and wrapped it up with the Rockefeller Center tree.

We started with dinner at the Knickerbocker Steak House, a favorite of ours when we're in the mood for a bit of a splurge. I walked up from the office - here's the tree under the arch in Washington Square.

Then we were off to midtown. We caught the bus up and got off at 57th street, right near Tiffany's, which featured mice frolicking among Tiffany boxes and goods. 
Next stop, Bergdorf Goodman. These are always my favorite windows - ridiculously lavish and over the top, and just so much fun to look at. This year's theme was Berdorf GoodTIMES, with festive fun in every window. They played with perspective this year, as they do from time to time, setting up the scenes as though you were looking down into the view from above.

Here was a surrealistic chess game - 

A 1950's slumber party that made me think of a variant of the Aqua hit "Barbie Girl" - "I'm a Claes Oldenburg girl, living in a Claes Oldenberg world"...ok maybe not quite as catchy.

And this one represented a scavenger hunt, and completely reminded me of a gigantic page from a Walter Wick book. No clever poem to tell you what to look for, but still fun to look at. 

Our next stop was the Peninsula Hotel. They always have their front entrance done up nicely, but we've never thought to go inside - this year, um, well, I was ready for a pit stop. Glad we went in, too, the lobby was spectacular. We were also admiring the menu for their restaurant - we may come here for dinner next year.

Here are the front stairs - 

This was actually a piece of art on the theme of "Home". Interesting enough for a photo.

Calls of nature answered, we moved on to Sak's Fifth Avenue, across the street from Rockefeller Center. They always have a big light show set to music - we got there just as that was starting and found a nice open spot, so decided to watch that first. Here are 3 of many many many permutations!

Their windows were scenes from Frozen 2. Or I'm guessing they are, I have not seen that movie. Actually haven't seen the original, either, so I was maybe not the target audience for these - but here, this was pretty!

And then, the tree.

And one look back as I headed for the B train, wrapping up the Mandy and Bonnie Holiday Windows Extravanganza for another year!
Want to see more photos? Click here for a Google album with more.  


songbird's crazy world said...

I didn’t get a chance to see the Saks or Bergdorf windows this year. Thanks for sharing.

Alana said...

I would have to wipe my iPhone clean to have enough room to take all the pictures of these spectaculars. I had to look up the Peninsula Hotel and found the building dates from 1905 - what a spectacular lobby and I'm sure the bathrooms were gorgeous, too - and I know a good bathroom in Manhattan can be hard to find. Saks reminds me some of the LUMA event we have in Binghamton every Labor Day weekend. I'll try to remember your itinerary if I ever make it down to NYC next December. Happy New Year to you!

bonnie said...

Glad people are enjoying!

Even the album was heavily edited, I take SOOOOO many pictures. Always love this.

Just looked up some LUMA videos - WOW, that looks amazing.

Happy New Year!