Thursday, April 08, 2021

Spring has sprung at Sebago! 3 weeks of flowers at the club.

Blogger's new interface continues to be broken. If you click on the first photo, hit the back button on your browser, and repeat that a few times (4 or 5 for me tonight), you may get the old slideshow view with thumbnails. Blogger's new interface is actually part of why I haven't been posting as much lately - it's a constant exercise in frustration where the old interface was so simple. In good news, though, these 3 weeks of flowers do mean that I've gotten in 3 weekend paddles in a row. And my fingers are crossed for 4! Crocuses are from weeks 1 and 2, everything else from last weekend. Great time to be getting back to the club!


Painless Mama said...

Now that he's gotten some of his own health sorted out, Kayakboy is starting to talk about getting back on the water!

bonnie said...


Renee said...

Beautiful photos. I miss daffodils signaling spring (I lived most of my life in Ohio). Enjoyed your blog-‘thanks!