Sunday, April 14, 2019

Blu Marble - neat but also disappointing

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Spotted that sign from Mr. Taco on my way to go see Blu Marble, a temporary art installation on Ludlow Street that's generated at least a little buzz that I've seen. It's by New York-based Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz, and it was really neat to see. The artwork consists of a circular LED screen displaying real-time live-stream images of Earth from a NASA satellite. I'd been meaning to go see it for a while, it went on display in mid-March and was only going to be up for a month - being one of the last people around who haven't gotten a smartphone yet, I haven't got a camera on me at all times like most people do. Finally remembered to bring my camera to work on Friday, the last possible day for me to go. I went around 8:30 pm and Earth was in a waning crescent phase - it's hard to make out the continents in my photos but I could make out the USA and it was fun to see the line of darkness that had fallen across NYC an hour earlier proceeding slowly westward. Even on a soggy night, a few people had come to see it.

It was neat to see but I was really disappointed to find out that the art was funded by a manufacturer of vaping equipment when I'd thought it was a production of the New Museum (opening was there and the first day featured a projected version on the side of the museum building). Bummer. 

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Friday, April 12, 2019

SoHo Scene

Amen to that, Mr. Taco

No time for tacos tonight, but I'll be back sometime when I'm not rushing in the rain.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Robert Moses Repercussions

Robert Moses with Battery Bridge model

So this is a little outside of the usual blog topic here on Frogma, but a Gothamist article caught my eye today. I've mentioned Robert Moses a couple of times in recent posts as Sebago had a really wonderful day in March where we visited Dead Horse Bay, where you can so easily imagine the sadness of all of the people he displaced as you inspect the belonging of theirs that were buried at the badly-capped landfill at Barren Island and are now strewn across the beach there. And then I also have a set of photos to share from a hike at a spot where you're reminded that he also did some very good things for the city.

But the repercussions of his clearances turn out to carry on to this very day. I never knew.

Just fascinating.

I have really got to get my hands on a copy of The Power Broker.  

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Creatures Enjoying A Fine Spring Day

Canis Familiaris

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Sus Scrofa Domesticus
Chrysemus Picta

Homo Frogmabloggeriens

Lots more pixs from a lovely day out at the Rockefeller Preserve near Tarrytown at Flickr - click here!

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Beachcombing at Dead Horse Bay

Back to Dead Horse Bay at Barren Island for a little virtual beachcombing tonight. If you watched the short documentary about this area I shared a few posts back, you know how all of this stuff got here - Barren Island had long been a place where the city sent its leavings for processing, and then when Robert Moses condemned neighborhood after neighborhood to make room for his highways and the residents couldn't afford to take all of their belongings, the things they left behind were brought here.

The bones of the dead horses that were brought here to be rendered are still here. Usually you just find little rings of sawed-up leg bones but my friend Shari found this large end of a femur. Her description was both science and a poem and made me think of the living horse in a way that seeing the bones never had before:

"The first thing I saw was part of a femur. The honeycomb of the inside of the bone, where the horse made lifeblood."

Then we wandered on, looking at the remnants of all those early 50's homes -

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A record

A child's toy car. I had to play with it. Vroom vroom vroom!

(thank you Frank for the photo!)

A million zillion bottles -- some people call this Bottle Beach.
Bricks, and bits of floors,
A cup with an art noveau pattern still showing through years of weathering. I don't bring a lot of stuff home from here, I have found a lot of bottles that I liked but the windowsill where I keep those is full up now, but this was interesting enough that I kept it. When I shared this photo on Facebook, friends who are Jewish told me that it might be a kiddush cup

Clubmate Ellie was finding doll parts - an arm and part of a scalp - and also half of a heart-shaped waffle iron similar to ones you can still buy today!  "Brunch is at my place!", she announced.

We couldn't figure out what these layered sheets were - possibly roof insulation.

Machinery, old lamps (oh heck, I didn't think to check for a genie) -- 

a toilet or two - 

And strangest of all - a car, a real one this time!

Or at least a fair percentage of a car. Just stuck there as though somebody had crashed it into the landfill back then.

The Andromeda is of a much more recent vintage. Anybody looking for a fixer-upper? Don't worry, person who signed the rudder, your secret is safe with me, I won't tell a soul, I promise. 

And that's just the tiniest sampling. Such a fascinating place, I'm glad we took the time that morning to visit.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Spring Spring Springety Spring Spring Spring!

OK, it's been known to snow in April, but knock wood, we're getting some springy stuff in NYC now! Midwood Daffodil

Midwood magnolia buds

Midwood forsythia

First three all from my Brooklyn neighborhood - I love watching them coming in as I come and go from work.

The next 2 are from our great Pelham Bay Park hike up in the Bronx last weekend - still looks pretty wintery up there but these tiny little green leaves caught my eye, and another member of the group noticed a pussy willow tree just off the trail. 

And these are from Canarsie, weekend before last - cherry blossom buds, and then the crocuses I'd already shared not too long ago. I'll be at the club again this weekend and I expect that the buds will have opened now - looking forward to seeing the flowers. Happy for Spring!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

such a shame...

such a shame that all of NYC is so hectic and crazy

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Pelham Bay Park, The Bronx, 3/30/2019
another great Sebago hike
many more pix to come of course!