Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More from Women Swimmin' weekend

So, yes, I wasn't in Brooklyn this weekend, I hit the road with a song in my heart and a boat on my (rental) car around 10 am on Friday, headed to upstate New York for another visit to Ithaca. This was my third time helping out with the Women Swimmin' for Hospicare event in Lake Cayuga, it's a great event in a beautiful part of the country and although it is a bit of a hike from Brooklyn, I do actually like to drive a car once a year, just to keep my hand in, so this is a great way to get that in. I make a three-day weekend of it and it's just so much fun. Ithaca's got this cute slogan, "Ithaca is Gorges" - well, it really is!

I started to describe the fun I got to have out there in addition to Women Swimmin', but it started getting a little long for a post in the middle of the work day and if I make that part 2 I can do pictures. For now, I'll just start you off with the link to my Women Swimmin' event gallery. Enjoy!

Photo above was one of my favorites as this small flock of ducks had apparently decided to join in for a bit - they were swimming along as though they were part of the event. Too cute. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Not Brooklyn!

Roamin' Romany, southeast of Ithaca. Because sometimes a city boat enjoys a little fresh air! 

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Graves of Arthur Kill Screenings - Staten Island, 8/13, and Brooklyn, 8/16. Plus square dancing on Saturday!

Will Van Dorp, at Witte Marine, May 2010 - yes that's my Romany!

There are two screenings coming up of Graves of Arthur Kill, the excellent documentary that Will Van Dorp, the blogger at Tugster, and Greg Kane of 3 Fish Productions made about the Witte Marine Salvage Yard (better known to local paddlers as "The Staten Island Graveyard of Ships") a few years back. They'll be at the screening to answer questions afterwards - we had a similar screening with Q&A session at Sebago closer to when the film was first released, and it was a great evening, I really can't recommend this enough.

The first is this Saturday, August 13th, starting at 2:00 at the Staten Island Arts Culture Lounge at the St. George ferry terminal - click here for details. The second is next week Tuesday, August 16th, on board the lightship Nantucket in the Brooklyn Bridge Park - for this one, click here.

And as long as I'm talking about fun things to do - remember that time not to long ago when I went to go paddling and a square dance broke out? The same group that turned up at Sebago is participating in the Citi Summerstreets festival this Saturday, Megan and the gang will be doing some dancing themselves and leading square dances for anyone who wants to join in at the Uptown Stage at 51st and Park Avenue in Manhattan. They're on at 11:40 am, click here for all info.  

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hokule'a update - visit her tomorrow, August 10th, in Salem, Massachusetts

I've been really bad about Hokule'a updates lately, but she's still on the East Coast; she sailed up to Nova Scotia and now she's travelling back down again. If you (or anyone you know) are in the vicinity of Salem, Massachussetts, you can meet the Hokule'a Crew and visit the historic wa'a tomorrow from 2 - 5 at Central Wharf. For more details on that, click here; for stories and videos of what they've been up to lately, visit the update page, and to follow the voyage on Facebook, click here.  

Sunday, August 07, 2016

More Summer Bounty

As long as I'm sidetracked on summer produce - 

My friend Daniel, who I used to call Goofy or Goofyman (so called after his discovery that although right-handed, the roll that most righties would consider the "off-side" was actually easier for him, rather like a "goofy-footed" surfer) here on Frogma back when we were paddling together, lives with his family not too far from me. They've got practically a whole little farm going on in the backyard, with 3 raised beds the size of the one I have at the club (or maybe a little larger) and a few other containers, plus the chickens that I sometimes get to chickensit, and I got a really nice email yesterday saying "Come pick stuff, we have too much!" - so I did! Probably their most abundant item is shishito peppers, so I took a bunch of those. Most of them I added to a pasta with beet tops and chard dish I'd made with some of the pickings from my own garden, but I also saved a few to have on their own with breakfast this morning, they are so good just cooked up quick in a really hot cast-iron skillet - and they looked so pretty I had to take a picture. Delicious, too! 


I was going to paddle today but I ended up switching out paddling time for CHEESEMAKING TIME! I'd bought a cheesemaking kit over the winter and tried my hand at it with pretty good results, making a couple of batches of fairly good mozzarella and one batch of cottage cheese. Making the "mootz", one thing I could not keep out of my head was how much I was looking forward to the summer, when I could actually make a caprese salad mostly from scratch (oil and vinegar would still be from the store, but I was looking forward to homegrown tomatoes and basil to pair with my homemade cheese).

Well, when I originally picked tomatoes on Friday, I didn't think I would have time to make cheese this week, but in the end I just couldn't resist!

Note added the next day: One of my paddling friends asked for my mozzarella recipe so in case anybody else is interested in trying this - it's not really a recipe, it's a kit. The one I'm using is from Roaring Brook Dairy, and there's also one from the New England Cheesemaking Supply that comes with cheesecloth, which is helpful, but basically either one's good. This is a totally unsolicited plug btw, I just bought the kits on a whim at a store and have been happy with the results.  

Friday, August 05, 2016

How Does My Garden Grow (Early August 2016 edition)

Not too badly, considering I basically haven't done anything to it maintenance-wise in a weeks! I did ask my fellow gardeners if they could please water my plot if things were looking droopy while I was away; between that (a definite plus to community gardening!) and the fact that I was pretty sure that the rain we had on a couple of days while I was in Michigan was eventually going to go rain on NYC, I had hopes that I would find things OK, and that was the case.

The bed was looking pretty shaggy with weeds, including a couple of frighteningly well-started ailanthus seedlings (that's the Tree Grows In Brooklyn tree - not in my garden though, please!!!), but I got there with enough light in the day to have time to clean things up. And what a haul of produce I brought home -- I'd told the other gardeners that if there were tomatoes that looked like they needed eating or anything to help themselves, but I don't know if anybody availed themselves of that offer!

Thursday, August 04, 2016

FISH FARTS! :D Who says science is boring? Help Fund a Fish Fart Study (to learn more about whales)!

Yes, fish farts! That's what I said!

Gotham Whale is out there all summer studying our local whales (and introducing thrilled locals like me to them as well) and now they have a hypothesis they'd like to test. Paul Sieswerda was talking about the planned research when my Antarctic kayak guide friend Louise and I went out whalewatching on the American Princess earlier this summer, and it sounded really interesting, so I was delighted to see the crowdfunding page pop up on a friend's Facebook page the other day. Click here to read more, and donate there if you'd like to help Gotham Whale do some science).

If you missed my 2 posts about going out marine mammal watching with Gotham Whale, click here for the time with the dolphins and here for the time with the whales!