Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Ducks of January

Actually, these were the ducks of April 2014, from a Sheepshead Bay duck walk photo taken in February of that year - I'm not sure I ever shared them here, though! No time for doodling right now as I'm getting ready to fly south for a week myself (can't wait) and the blog is getting neglected for the same reason, but I am taking time for a quack quick post today to to share one of the most entertaining Twitter threads I think I've ever seen.

That's not necessarily saying much as I'm not on Twitter myself and only go there occasionally when a friend shares something, but this is entirely delightful and I'm so glad Laura over at Coast of Illinois saw it and thought of my occasional obsession with (and this is the link to Twitter) artistic anatidae!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New Year's Day 2019 - A Weather Post

Pedro the Penguin Hat says "Happy New Year!"
We didn't get to paddle today but I still wore my New Year's regalia, of which Pedro is a key part. 

Sadly, high winds due to an incoming cold front meant another cancellation of the Sebago Canoe Club's annual New Year's Day paddle, but we still gathered for potluck and camaraderie on the shore of Canarsie's Paerdegat Basin. The same front that kept us off the water provided an amazing sky show as the remnants of the New Year's Eve rainclouds quickly gave way to a sparkling blue sky. I took these photos over a period of about an hour and 10 minutes starting shortly before noon.As usual, click one the first on for a slideshow view.