Thursday, September 14, 2006

Photos from downtown

Sunset, 9/11/06

Walking towards the Winter Garden.

Tribute in Light from a distance.

Tribute in Light - standing just below. It's fascinating - creatures from gnats to seagulls pass through the lights, and they glow. I went one year when it was drizzling & from a certain angle, there was a rainbow in it.

Here's the Deutschebank building.

I had to work quite late on Monday (the sunset is from the roof of my office). I did still took my usual walk downtown - that's become something of a ritual. I didn't even go up to the perimeter this year - too many people, didn't feel like being in with the crowd. Took a few pictures but mostly walked & thought.

sorry if it seems like I'm dwelling. Seems like I just have to give it a certain piece of time each year, then it's past. This year that time has been hard to shake loose.

I said I was going to write some more - I did intend to, had a lot of thoughts, but haven't had time - pier politics and work left very little free time this week.

boy, do I want to go paddling...

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