Friday, March 18, 2011

Good stuff, fresh off the WaterWire!

Waterfront Plan In Place -- Let's Roll!

Just a quick lunchtime link. The news has been out for a while, but the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance has a nice writeup about Vision2020.

Lots of exciting news. I haven't had time to read it all myself, but I expect it's going to be gratifying seeing the results of all those meetings so many of us waterfront enthusiasts of all varieties were attending last year.

And one more sort of silly thought --

It's nice to see Tugster's "Sixth Borough" starting to slip into official use!


JP said...

Sounds like a great plan for NY and good to see another example of the power of the blog.

bonnie said...

Tugster's doing great these days - first there was that excellent review in the Times, and now he's got elected officials adopting his nomenclature.

I just loved that "Sixth Borough" thing the first time I saw it - been borrowing it myself ever since then. Boy, I wish I could remember how I first found his blog. I was fascinated. Thought he was actually a tug captain or something for the longest time!

bonnie said...

Oh - PS - off topic, but I'm very excited, my building super took a delivery for me yesterday, and I suspect it's a copy of a certain book!

I was beginning to fear that it had gotten lost on the way. Wouldn't that have been ironic?

moonstruck said...

Nice to see so much public access. When i was a kid in the 50 ies, the only way to get near the water was to climb a fence.

bonnie said...

Dennis G. Moonstruck, not to be all sappy or anything, but your occasional comments make me appreciate just how much things have improved.

How's things in Stormville - snow off the ground yet?