Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back-Deck Rolling Sequence

Still pretty busy at work, but I thought I would just take a quick break to share this 2-minute snippet of a rolling demo that Sebago clubmate Milton did during Saturday's lunch break at the Hudson River Greenland Festival. Alison Sigethy explains as Milton runs through a series of layback rolls, beginning with the basic Greenland sweep roll ("Kinnguffik paarlallugu/nerfallaallugu - "coming up on the other side, on one's back") and progressing to an attempt at the "elbow roll" (Ikusaannarmik niaqoq/pukusuk patillugu — "only with the elbow, touching the head/ neck"). 

These are just a few of the 35 capsize manuevers that the most skilled Greenland kayakers can perform. For the full set, many including video clips and all with sound clips of Greenland great Maligiaq Padilla pronouncing the Greenlandic names, click here to visit - that's where I got the 2 translations above. Enjoy! 

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