Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Internet Is Cool #1 - A Tug Identified

So, remember the ___e Ann Conners from the 3rd day of my paddle down the Hudson? This was a handsome old (VERY old) tug that was being restored at the pier where a couple of friends with tugboats keep theirs. I'd gone up into Rondout Creek to take pictures of the Cornell and Gowanus Bay and found this classic there too. From my low perspective, I couldn't make out the first few letters on her nameboard; I guessed maybe Sue Ann, and I did think about asking Tim or Jessica (the respective owners of the Cornell and Gowanus Bay) what her story was, but then work kind of went crazy and tugboat history questions sadly had to go on the back burner for a while.

But the internet is cool. A reader by the name of Phil happened across that post (which was bizarrely popular, I had a great time doing that entire Hudson River trip series and they all got a good number of views but that one in particular is already the 7th most viewed post in the history of this blog - no idea why!) last week and left a comment answering the very question I been wanting to ask but just hadn't had time to yet
 -- this nice old tug is the Elise Ann Conners, and her story was featured in a New York Times article about that rare and admirable breed - people who restore historic boats. Phil - if you're reading, thank you so much!

At some point before she sank, she was also looked at as a possible subject for restoring a historic tug to run as an educational exhibit in New York Harbor. The tug that was chosen? The Pegasus, of course! Click here to read about more tugs that were under consideration. That must have been a hard choice to make! I love the Pegasus of course, can't ever take too many pictures of her - here were just a few that I took when she was at the Historic Ships Festival at Pier 25 in the Hudson River Park last June - click on the photos for nicer views: 

And of course when I went to an art-auction fundraiser for the Pegasus and came home with 2 gorgeous tug paintings and a lot of inspiration, it was the Pegasus I chose for a subject. I don't think I ever posted the final version where I'd added in the happy trees, here...well, it was December so they weren't that happy but they were the last touch and they did soften up the background a little bit. My artist friends would've done this twice as well in a tenth of the time, of course, but I had fun working it out and was pretty happy with the end results. 

Have to get back to the painting and drawing this winter - it's been such a good and busy summer that except for the 2 sketches during my Hudson River trip, I just didn't have time!


Rob K said...

Great that someone ID'd the tug, Bonnie! Gotta love them internets!

bonnie said...

I loved that somebody just found it and answered the question - that's the sort of thing where I probably never would have gotten around to asking and I really enjoyed reading the information I was able to find once I had the name.