Sunday, February 15, 2015

Coney Island Polar BRRRRRRS!!!!!

On second thought - maybe one Brooklyn post in here. I think I'm finally recovering from a very dragged-out post-Caribbean cold, mostly I've just wanted to stay home and take it easy on weekends but today I was up for a little low-key activity and I decided to go look at fish at the Coney Island Aquarium. Hello, fish! 

The aquarium is still rebuilding after Sandy, they were completely inundated during the storm and they explain to you that the exhibits are still quite limited at the entrance. It doesn't take too long to see what they have, especially since the indoor section of the Sea Cliffs exhibit, where the seals, walruses and sea otters are kept, is still closed and it was too bitingly cold to stand outside for long.

I decided to at least get in a little bit of a walk along the boardwalk, and when I went up there I saw that the Coney Island Polar Bear Club was out there doing their thing so I ran down the beach to take pictures. I don't know how they did it today, it was all I could do to stay on the beach long enough to take these pictures and I was fully dressed and dry! Of course these are the hard-core Coney Island Polar Bears - the big plunge on New Year's Day? These guys are the ones who actually RUN that mayhem, and they are out here every weekend, no matter how awful the weather, plus extra swims whenever it snows.

These pictures were taken around 2 p.m., and looking at the NOAA 3-day history that gives hourly stats, it was 18 degrees, with the wind blowing 33 mph with gusts to 43, giving a wind chill factor of minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Go polar brrrrs, go!


Rob K said...

Oh my God, Bonnie! It's killing to even look at these people!

bonnie said...

I was not wearing wind pants, just jeans, and in the few minutes I was taking pictures, my legs went from burning cold to practically numb. Even the Bears admitted it was cold - that's COLD!