Friday, July 03, 2015

Where are the HERMIONE pictures?

 L'Hermione will be at the South Street Seaport for the weekend of July 4th (except when she's in a parade) then continuing north up the East Coast. See yesterday's post for visit details and other blogs that are covering. Beautiful vessel, I'm so glad I got to visit! 


Tweezerman said...

My goodness, where are the crowds? You should have seen the crush in Annapolis.

bonnie said...

Hopefully they are there today!

I was a little surprised that I was able to stroll on without a moment's wait and then hang out on board as long as I wanted to without feeling like I was keeping anyone else from their turn, but this was Thursday afternoon, I was allowed to leave work at 1 and rushed down there to get my visit in before the holiday crowds turned up.