Friday, February 12, 2016

Jones Beach Seal Hike, 2/7/2016 - Photos by Frank F.

Frank F., leader of last Sunday's excellent hike at Jones Beach, got some beautiful pictures of the day. Click here to visit his Flickr album.

I'm so glad I decided to drop the all-day cleaning session I was originally planning on having on Sunday in favor of making the weekend into a good Sebago double header, especially with this Presidents' Day weekend's temperatures dipping down into the teens during the days and ONE DEGREE (one???!!!) on Saturday night. I just rearranged brunch plans on Sunday to lessen outside time. I guess we had to get a little actual winter in this winter, which was a pretty mild one up until this month. Really can't complain too much, but still - brrrr. I do have plans for Sunday and Monday, but I do think there's gonna be some couch and cookies time tomorrow!



Nasreen Iqbal said...

Fun pics.

Thank God for that one last degree.

bonnie said...

Indeed! And today (Monday, 2/15) we're all the way up to 19 degrees at 9:45 a.m.

Downright balmy compared to the last couple of days.

Still can't really complain about this winter so far. One big blizzard on a Saturday, with city workers having all of Sunday to dig us out so that we could all get to work on Monday, and then this one short cold snap, all in a general setting of mild and pleasant weather - not too bad.