Thursday, October 27, 2016

Doodle du jour - nameless Nimble Nomad

OK, actually it's doodle du two weeks ago, and it IS vacation-related. That's right, TQ and I left our kayaks and our camping gear in Brooklyn and went to the dark side - for part 2 of our western (NY) adventure, we rented a motor vessel And we liked it! I drew this in Fairport, been a while since I broke out the sketchbook but I took it along on this trip in hopes of getting at least a little scribbling in. After a couple of false starts where I just got one thing or another completely messed up, this ended up being my best rendition of the Nimble Nomad that we called home for a week. What a comfy little cruiser she was. Funny thing was, she didn't seem to have a name - we forgot to ask in the hustle of learning everything we needed to know before we set out on Monday afternoon, but the registration card didn't show anything but the registration number and as we motored north toward the canal system, we were singing, "You see I been through Cayuga on a boat with no name..." 

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Nasreen Iqbal said...

That's a good sketch and it seems like it would be fun to stay on such a boat with no name for a week. Well, for a few days. A week might be stretching it for land people like myself.

bonnie said...

You could always take a break in a hotel for a night! There are also much bigger canal boats, in fact we stumbled over the cruise-usa site as we were pipe dreaming over those and said "Hey, we can actually afford this one!"

The bigger ones do look incredibly comfy, people (ok, not me, but some people) in NYC live in apartments smaller than that, just a bit steep for us. We're kayak campers, though, so just not having to set up camp every night and break camp down every morning felt luxurious (and the bed was genuinely comfy, especially the morning the rain was pattering on the cabin top, so soothing)!

LauraEhlers said...

How fun!! Hope you have more stories about living aboard!!