Saturday, May 20, 2017

Goings-on at the club today, plus other people's flowers

Busy day out there - I just ran out to do an apres-heat-wave/pre-vacation check on my garden (everything looks good although I may plant more beets when I get back, I used a pretty old seed pack and not many germinated), but it's great to see things ramping up for the season. Trip leaders were being trained (I would've gone for that if I hadn't had a million things to do before vacation, that's always fun and a brush-up never hurts), there was work being done on the Point Comfort club workboat that is the impressive first endeavor of the Boatbuilding Committee, and the trailer for that boat has arrived, and the Staten Island camping trip folks had launched early in the morning (ok that is also tons of fun so maybe I would've been doing that if I wasn't travelling!). Here are some photos of those (well, except the camping trip people who were probably halfway to Staten Island by the time I was at the club) plus flowers from other people's gardens that I walked by while I was doing my other errands. Iris season!

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Alana said...

Our iris season has come, too. We are hopefully past our last frost date, so we planted some basil, also. And, this weekend will be the General Clinton Regatta. I've never seen it (shameful!) and, with the weather this weekend, I don't think this will be the year, too. We have to catch up on our community garden, which only opened Monday. Late even for us!