Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Gotham Whale on WNYC's The Takeaway

The Takeaway's Oliver Lazarus interviews Gotham Whale founder Paul Siesweirda

Congratulations to the folks at Gotham Whale on an excellent radio piece on The Takeaway, a show produced by our local NPR station WNYC. I'd actually meant to do a couple more posts about my November 5th whalewatching trip on the American Princess; I didn't get any very good whale photos but there were a couple of very interesting activities on board, one of which was Takeaway producer Oliver Lazarus gathering material for this show! 

Click here to listen. I was a little disappointed that my friend John (the storm chaser kayaking friend I mentioned in my last post) didn't make it in, but having to condense a four hour boat ride down to ten minutes meant having to focus pretty tightly on the aspects they chose to feature. I think they did a great job of giving the listener a real sense of what it's like to be part of one of these amazing NYC whalewatching excursions - and I so admired the eloquence of fellow passenger Edie!


PeconicPuffin said...

Have you done this? How common is it to see whales? The one time I ever took a whale watching trip we were skunked.

bonnie said...

Let's see -

4 times in 2017
First time with Patricia Sener, who was then inspired to swim across the NY bight as a fundraiser - whales!
Next time with TQ and a friend and her son - whales!
Once with Sebago friends - absolute skunkage, hardly even any birds.
Once with my Antarctic kayak guide friend Louise - no whales but a huge pod of hunting dolphins

And twice this year, both times with whales.

So for the trips I've been on, 83% success rate if a giant pod of dolphins count (they did to me).

Never any guarantees but they have a pretty good success rate. Plus, the time I went that we saw nothing, they handed out cards for 20% off your next trip.