Friday, March 09, 2018

Choices Choices -

What a decision to make on Saturday! The Gowanus Dredgers are hosting a guided shorewalk along the Gowanus Canal, which is an area I've really never explored but find interesting. I shared that on Facebook, and moments later one of my Coney Island swimming friends said, "But wouldn't you rather come join us planting beach grass on Coney Island?"

Tough call! At this point I'm leaning towards the shorewalk just because it's shorter, I have some other things to do this weekend, and TQ and I are going to CT for a small family gathering on Sunday, so it's Saturday or bust. I can't remember the last time I've wished as hard that I could be in two places at the same time (or that one event was sure to happen again). Ah well! 


Lori Ziegler said...

Interesting! Love that your blog makes you an expert to go person for information and ideas in your part of the country! I will keep you in mind when I visit your area!!!!

bonnie said...

Thanks! For boats at least. Maybe this year I will update my 25+ Ways to Get On the Water in NYC post, which is probably one of the more useful posts I ever did. Woefully out-of-date at this point!

Haralee Sleepwear said...

Good call! Maybe with the cold there will be another planting? I find it funny when nothing is planned and then there are numerous opportunities, feast or famine.