Friday, June 01, 2018

A Paddle on Lake Lure, NC

Especially sad to hear about the NC flooding after such a nice week there last week. Photos here from a paddle on beautiful Lake Lure last week Friday. Hope things clear up for the town of Lake Lure and other affected areas SOON.

TQ's sister lives in the area and she and her kids (who call me Aunt Bonnie, which I love) took us out for a spin. We drove to the lake through some fairly heavy rain, but it was warm and easing off as we were standing in the parking lot discussing, so we went, and I was so glad.

 TQ's sister kept apologizing about the view not coming out to be seen, apparently there are a LOT more mountains back behind the ones we could see, but I loved the Chinese-landscape-painting effects that the low clouds gave. I also suspect that if it had been a bright sunshiny day, there would've been tons more motorboats, being the day before memorial day weekend. As it was it was so peaceful, with only a couple of motorboats and pontoon boats passing us during the first part of the paddle. Around 4 or so lots of other paddlers started appearing from the docks of the lakefront homes but still no motorboats.

No sunset this day either but TQ's sister said that the sunset on the lake is amazing. We may have to go back for that sometime.

BTW the beach in the first photo below is attached to the resort that was the setting for the movie Dirty Dancing. You can read more about the inn and some other neat things in the surrounding area here. Never actually saw that movie myself but I know a lot of people loved it!

All photos after this, click on any picture for a slideshow view (or at least it's supposed to be a slideshow, at the moment it's not quite cooperating - hopefully that sorts itself out soon).

Paddled about 5.5 miles and TQ and I tried out an assisted rescue in the recreational kayak I was using. Always fun to practice in a new boat!


Alana said...

Terrible weather, but some beautiful pictures here - the mist and clouds do give a certain vibe to the pictures.

Kim said...

Those cloud pics are nice!

JEN Garrett said...

Sometimes you just have to go for it - even when the weather doesn't cooperate. Sounds like it was fun anyhow.

bonnie said...

It was great, nobody regretted our decision although there is still a sunset we haven't seen. Someday!