Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A couple more pictures from Sunday -

Just a couple more from Sunday that didn't quite work with the last post, where I wanted the pictures to just be a super scenic slideshow from a super scenic day. But here are the first brants of Fall, plus a water skier. 
We've still been having some warm and muggy weather here in October - but the birds of the bay know it's Fall. First brants of the season, resting in the Paerdegat Basin after their long flight from their nesting grounds up north. There are just a few so far but give them a little more time and we'll be back to this - you'll hear ducks and gulls but the noise that goes on through the whole clip is hundreds of brants all talking to each other. Hrrrnk hrrrnk hrrrnk!

And this was a first for me - I've never seen anybody water skiing in Jamaica Bay before, but there they go, right through the big fleet of boats that are anchored for fishing off of Floyd Bennett Field. Zoooom! Mind the lines! This is actually funny - the towing boat actually looks like it's set up for fishing, but why not get a little waterskiing in along the way? Excellent multi-tasking!

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