Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cancer Giving

Think it's time to give another ponytail!

This will be the third one. I'm just sorry I didn't start doing this sooner, such an easy way to give. 

I also had a wonderful time joining friends in Coney Island back in October for my second Making Strides for Breast Cancer! 

We had a briskly beautiful day for it - we'd had a pretty warm October but a cold front came through. I actually swam with a lot of the Coney Island Polar Bears last year - this year, although I did wear an underlayer that would've let me go in if I'd wanted to, and yes, some of the Polar Bears I was walking with did go in, it was a little too brisk for me to join them. If it hadn't been quite so windy I might have, but I wasn't going to have a way to get into dry underthings before putting my clothes back on, and with the wind blowing, damp clothes were going to get chilly pretty fast.

But it was still a beautiful day on the boardwalk and a fun, fun way to raise some funds for breast cancer research. I'm still so grateful for the strides that had already been made by the time I found my lump - what I went through was so utterly non-traumatic compared to what someone would've gone through even just a couple of decades ago.

It's just wonderful the way the Coney Island community turns out for this. We marched with my swimmer friend Eddie Mark's Community Board 13 group, such a nice group of people. The walk was entirely on the boardwalk this year and the whole route was lined with cheer squads, drummers, and other enthusiastic folks cheering us along. Another wonderful day at the beach - more photos on Flickr, of course!


Diane Tolley said...

Wonderful day!
I so envy you your beach!

Diane Tolley said...

And is that the 'community center' from Two Week's Notice in the background?

bonnie said...

Ha, yes it is!

See #3!

I'm so glad the old Child's Restaurant building is finally being used - it was just boarded up for years, but the terra cotta decorations are so pretty. Interesting the way it was repurposed as a stage for summer concerts, I'll post about that sometime.

Diane Tolley said...

That is SO COOL! I loved that building in the movie and was afraid it had merely been a set. How nice to know that it really exists! I did some research and read articles about the renovation. Well done! Very well done!

Alana said...

My mother in law was one of those who survived breast cancer (in her case, two different ones a year apart) back in the 1970's - when her youngest child was still in elementary school. One day I might tell her story and it does indeed show the progress that has been made. I used to walk in Relay for Life; my best friend is a breast cancer survivor. I need to get back to it.

bonnie said...

It's such a fun way to do some good.

I'm so glad your mother in law lived. Cannot imagine how hard it would be to go that young, right in the middle of bringing up your kids.