Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New Year's Day 2019 - A Weather Post

Pedro the Penguin Hat says "Happy New Year!"
We didn't get to paddle today but I still wore my New Year's regalia, of which Pedro is a key part. 

Sadly, high winds due to an incoming cold front meant another cancellation of the Sebago Canoe Club's annual New Year's Day paddle, but we still gathered for potluck and camaraderie on the shore of Canarsie's Paerdegat Basin. The same front that kept us off the water provided an amazing sky show as the remnants of the New Year's Eve rainclouds quickly gave way to a sparkling blue sky. I took these photos over a period of about an hour and 10 minutes starting shortly before noon.As usual, click one the first on for a slideshow view.  


Alana said...

Do you know why your pictures were awesome? Because, where you live, the sun actually comes out. Upstate, it just teases. A 15 minute break of a tiny bit of blue, and then the clouds return. We've already forgotten what the sun looks like. Can you remind us?

my2fish said...

happy new year!

bonnie said...

Thanks, Alana. My favorite season is summer but NYC does get some beautiful days in the wintertime, too. I'm now absolutely itching for a paddle AND I got a replacement battery for my waterproof camera, so I'll be ready when the weather and my schedule cooperate!

Happy New Year, My2Fish! Here's to lots of time on the water in 2019!