Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's not one of "my" holidays, but I have a Lunar New Year label category for this blog anyway, because I always love the preparations for the holiday, all the festive reds and golds are so warming and cheerful at this time of year when the nights are still way too long and usually cold (although tonight was positively springlike, bizarre flip from this time last week). It's not unusual for me enjoy a post-work wander through Chinatown this time of year seeing if I can catch that sense in photos, and when I get good ones I love sharing them. This year, though, with 4 days of Florida yet to post, and a bit too much going on at work to take that stroll (even though we've just gone from polar vortex to 60 in one week flat (so weird but hey, lovely walking weather) I really had no plans for a Year of the Pig post.

But one of our wonderful authors at Scholastic shared a great New Year's gift with some of us at the office and it's just too cute - and simultaneously so beautifully packaged - not to show! What a sweet way to start the Year of the Pig. :0)

PS if you'd enjoy seeing some of my past Lunar New Year posts, just click on the label at the bottom of this post. I have gotten some fun pictures over the years!

PPS totally unsponsored/unsolicited link because their chocolates are absolutely charming and (as I can now attest) also delicious: L.A. Burdick. Sorry L.A. friends, Chicago is as far west as they've gone, but ah, there's a shop near where I work. I have to go try their cocoa, I used occasionally treat myself to Jacques Torres (an excellent Brooklyn-based chocolatier) hot chocolate, which is so far above ordinary hot cocoa it's hard to describe, but they shut down their NoHo store (waaaaah). I miss that special elixir. Maybe L.A. Burdick's will compare.  


Shari Broder said...

LA Burdick is my favorite chocolate anywhere. I'm a weight loss coach, and thoroughly enjoy every single bite. Lucky I live in New England where I can get them. Expensive but worth it!

bonnie said...

With a shop a 4 minute walk from where I work this could be a dangerous discovery!

Alana said...

LA Burdick. No store upstate. I've never had it, and I put my fingers in my ears and went "lalalala" as I read this, because as much as I like chocolate, I find Trader Joes and Aldi chocolates (and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) can satisfy me. Happy that I don't live (or work) near you, or Weight Watchers/WW might be a thing of the past in my life. (I gave up hog thocolate years ago. Liquid calories are not a good thing. I save that for, ahem, beer and wine.)

Alana said...

Hot chocolate. Not hog chocolate. After reading a blog post about the Year of the Pig, I'm laughing. Some typo.

bonnie said...

Hog chocolate! Perfect!

I'm unfortunately something of a chocolate omnivore - I'll take Hershey's or this kind or anything in between. Always a little envious of TQ, who only has a sweet tooth for quality dark chocolate - anything else he's not even interested.

Diane Tolley said...

Oh, my word! Another chocolatier to fall in love with!
Tough assignment, but I'm on it!