Sunday, February 23, 2020

Logrolling Contest at Sheepshead Bay

Went out to Sheepshead Bay to enjoy the sun and check out the winter ducks that hang out there this time of year. I wish I'd taken my little Optio that does video because the action going on on this floating piling was pretty entertaining!

For gulls and mallards, the piling wasn't a bad perch, as you can see in the first picture. But when the Canada geese started trying to jump up there, things got a little unstable. One goose could get away with it, but then when another goose would try their luck, the piling would start to roll. If the 2 geese (and whatever smaller birds were on there) managed to stabilize it, that would last until a 3rd goose tried to board. I think 4 geese was the most that managed to be on there at the same time.

I wish I'd gotten video but here are action shots from a few minutes of watching - click for a slideshow view. I was really wondering if this was a game!