Friday, September 30, 2005

Nova Scotia Trip Pix from a Pier 63 paddling pal!

A small group of my usual paddling pals got back from a week-plus paddling trip in Nova Scotia. Sticks (fka "Drum Guy") is a pretty good photographer & he took some BEAUTIFUL shots, which he shared with our Pier 63 holdpeople email list. I asked if I could share those here & he said "Sure"!

Enjoy! There's a button on the sign-in page for non-members of the Kodak Gallery page - click on that. These are really stunning.

I actually could have been in on this trip, but at the time it was first being tossed around, I'd actually already been talking to a friend from the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club about joining a few of the Yonkersites (Yonkersers? Yonkersians?) on a trip in the same area - they were talking about going with a very well-known local guide, Scott Cunningham - then I ended up bailing on that one when I got invited to join this upcoming British Virgin Islands adventure with some of my sailing friends. Given a choice between warm blue water and cold green water I will almost always take the warm blue (I do understand though that there is actually some surprisingly warm water in certain places in NS, think that may be somewhere on the Coastal Expeditions website - that's Scott Cunningham's company). As I've said before though, what a NICE choice to have to make! Hmm...sea kayaking in Nova Scotia, or sailing in the BVI's?

I do want to get up there sometime though. I have a friend who moved there after just getting too depressed with the way the US is governed now and I do want to go visit her at some point - I miss her but it sounds like she's happier up there, so it's good - anyways, this year's vacation days are all spoken for but I do think that next year I will make a real effort to get up there, with or without a kayak. Didn't need these pictures to want to do that, but they didn't hurt!

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