Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cheri & Turner's Greenland experience Slideshow in Yonkers!!

And so another season of Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club pool sessions "rolls" around. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

Going to a pool session is such a great thing to do when your mind just doesn't want to let go of something you don't like but can't do anything about. There just isn't room for anything non-boat-related once you're upside down in a boat in nice warm clear water. Even less so once you finish your pre-class fun & settle down & start teaching. I almost didn't go, but I was in just the kind of blue mood where all you want to do is go home and brood, and I know perfectly well that that's just when I need to roust myself out of that & go do something. I did. It worked. Sweet.

Cheri & F., July 2006 workshop in Sea Cliff, Long Island (thanks again to Sea Cliff Kayakers for helping to coordinate - this was FANTASTIC!)

And Speaking Of Teaching! With everything else going on, I've FAILED to post about a rare chance for tri-state area paddlers to meet two of my favorite Greenland instructors, Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson of Kayakways without getting wet!
rats...there is supposed to be a PICTURE here but Blogger is doing that thing tonight where it says it's uploading, then it says it's done, but then nothing happens
OK, maybe it seems weird that yours truly is actually talking about not getting wet as being a good thing - but it's really a great chance for anyone who's in the LEAST bit curious about what's up with all them skinny-stick paddlers to see what it's all about. The event is a slide show of their Greenland competition (I mean the one IN Greenland!) experiences & it should be a lot of fun to hear them "talk story" about the trip. The presentation is being sponsored by my good friends at the YPRC (home of the one and only Jack Gilman, who's introduced SO many of us in the area to Greenland style paddling). I don't know if I'll be able to make it because that's, ugh, right smack in the middle of our January close, but I wanted to spread the word here because it should be great.

Turner, same workshop -

Here's the announcement from J.B. at Yonkers:

I am glad to announce YPRC's first 2007 presentation, scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 8 at 8PM at the Beczak Center, on the Hudson in Yonkers, NY. There will be a slide presentation and talk given by Turner Wilson and Cheri Perry about their trip to Greenland to compete in Greenland's traditional kayak competition. I met them both for the first time this fall and it promises to be a great event. This is open to the public so invite your friends and family or anyone who would be interested in adventure travel. We will ask a $15, deductable and voluntary contribution, but nothing is required- whatever you can afford is great. Hope to see you then. Jerry Borenstein, for info:

And here are instructions to get to the Beczak Center, from former Yonkers resident F.T., who's part of the Greenland gang at Sebago (thanks, F!)

Here are some very simple directions with very few turns.
(I use to live in Yonkers a lifetime ago)

Beczak Center directions.

35 Alexander St
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 377-1900

South on the Saw Mill Parkway Exit at Yonkers Avenue. You will be turning right at the end of the ramp (ditto if you are going north)

In a matter of feet turn right onto Ashburton Avenue

Stay on Ashburton it will snake around.

You will go downhill and then uphill

When you go down hill again you are getting close.

Just so you know you are getting close, you will pass
Rout9A North Broadway and then Walburton Ave and then Woodworth Ave.

At the bottom of the hill, you will pass over train tracks then Ashburton will end at Alexander Street (a "T" intersection)

You will be making a left turn onto Alexander Street

The Beczak Environmental Education Center is just a short distance down Alexander Street - 35 Alexander St, Yonkers, NY

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