Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rustbucket News

slightly later in the day...almost forgot, heard a far more rumorish rumor that the barge may be moving VERY soon, like maybe tomorrow. No word yet from the DEC, at least as far as I've heard, but I think that at one of the recent meetings there was discussion of looking at the north side of the barge once it's moved. Theory is that will be too small a space (between the north side of the barge and the south side of Pier 66) to allow any large motorized vessels to use it, which would mean that kayaks could be there even if you accept the premise that motorized & non-motorized vessels have to be separated. Post move, I guess people will be checking things out, see how everything will actually work spacewise.

later still...update on still EXTREMELY rumorish rumor - windy forecast has put the kibbosh on tomorrow. Probably safest to say that the barge is supposedly going to move sometime in the next few days & leave it at that.

Don't hold me to it, though, OK? If I was a journalist, this would be some pretty darned irresponsible journalism. Fortunately I'm just a blogger.

Jeeze. I wonder how excited I'd be if I actually planned to go back?

Friday morning - took down rumor #1 at request of 2 old friends. Will repost when it's not a rumor any more. Sorry guys, I got a little too excited.

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